Remote Authentication with EZproxy Overview

Remote Authentication with EZproxy allows you to create direct links to resources including databases, journals, and articles. It also provides the means for Serials Solutions Article Linker to generate direct links to titles for your library. In addition, we will be able to configure remote authentication to databases which provide IP access as their only authentication mechanism. Using this product you can create a single link which will provide access to specific resources both inside and outside your institution’s IP address range. Inside of the IP address range, the patron will be automatically redirected directly to the resource. Outside of the IP address range, the patron will be prompted for a library barcode and then will be redirected to the resource if a valid barcode is supplied.

Single Link
Remote Authentication with EZproxy continues to support a single link which can be used by your on-campus and off-campus patrons. The EZproxy Link determines where your patron is accessing the resource from. If the patron is on-campus (within your IP address range) then he/she will not be prompted to authenticate. If the patron is off-campus (outside of your IP address range) then he/she will be prompted to authenticate with their Library ID or Barcode.

No proxy on-campus
When clicking on an EZproxy Link, on-campus patrons will be redirected to the database website. Their interaction with the database website is not processed through the EZproxy server. Patrons who are accessing your website remotely will be sent through the EZproxy service to access the database website. This is beneficial because it provides your on-campus patrons a direct connection to the database and keeps unnecessary traffic off of the EZproxy server.

Old Remote Authentication (RPAS) Links
Remote Authentication (RPAS) links starting with will continue to be supported. You can and should continue to use them as the primary way to authenticate users and give them access to a search page for your databases. Just a reminder: the RPAS links are also a single link which provides access to your database resources for both on-campus and off-campus patrons.