FirstSearch Configuration Notes

The following notes use Geneva as an example, since the notes originated there.

FirstSearch must first be configured in FirstSearch admin:   You need the firstsearch admin 9 digit code and password. Go to linking tab -> Web Library Catalogs -> updated ISBN, ISSN, eISSN and OCLC URL.

Here are the links used:

These links are sloppy, the query section has just been removed so that the search term could be inserted at the end.  The actual placeholder text is {rft.isbn} so thus: https://yourlibrary/primo-explore/search?query=isbn,contains,{rft.isbn},AND&tab=default_tab&search_scope=default_scope&sortby=rank&vid=VID&mode=advanced&offset=0

The OCLC number search is a local norm rule done for Geneva locally, not all libraries might have it, and depending on what else they have added to the search fields, it might be a different lsr##.  Whether or not the prefix should be added to the OCLC numbers or whether a custom prefix is added depends on local practices with how the libraries imported records through the years.