Islandora is an open source digital asset management system based on Fedora Commons, Drupal and a host of additional applications. It is open source software (released under the GNU General Public License).

See our current, institution specific, installations of Islandora.

For more detailed information about Islandora and how to work with it, see our notes on the Islandora webinars.

Islandora may be used to create large, searchable collections of digital assets of any type and is domain-agnostic in terms of the type of content it can steward. It has a highly modular architecture with a number of key features:

  • support for any file type (via the Fedora repository system)
  • multi-language and functionality support via Drupal
  • a modular Solution Pack framework for defining specific data models and associated behaviors, including standard Solution Packs for audio, PDF, images and image-based books
  • support for any XML metadata standard, including unique schemas
  • a formbuilder module which allows the creation of a data-entry/editing form for any XML schema
  • support for semantic ontologies and the creation of relationships between objects
  • a flexible faceted search driven by Apache Solr
  • micro service-based workflows for automating the transformation of assets
  • editorial workflows for approving submissions to the repository