To inquire about membership with the Keystone Library Network, please contact the Keystone Library Network Coordinator, Kelly Mummert  (Email:

Membership Criteria and Responsibilities:

  • Converting data and using the Ex Libris Alma/Primo Library System within two years of contracting for service.
  • Belong to IDS or be willing to ship library materials to other member libraries.
  • Members must be fiscally sound to participate in consortia endeavors.
  • Adhere to established KLN Standards.
  • Members must have collections sufficient to serve the needs of their primary users and an increased access to their materials by other KLN member libraries.
  • Provide the names of contact persons for cooperative activities and technical matters.
  • Provide interlibrary loan services adhering to the standards and protocols of the Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Code.
  • Allow on-site access and borrowing privileges to students and faculty of all KLN libraries.
  • Participate in the Listserv of the KLN.
  • Provide sufficient professional and staff support to implement and maintain systems locally according to the vendor and KLN specifications.