Islandora Webinar: Spreadsheet Ingest Module

This module allows users to ingest data into Islandora using spreadsheets.

  • Impact (0:55)
    • Why they made this module.
  • Solution Overview (3:23)
    • This section includes the solution components (3:40), where Islandora fits in (4:36), constraints (6:00), and steps to perform (basic outline at 6:23).
  • Live Demo of Steps (8:05)
  • Q&A (24:10)
    • Is it possible to update metadata with a spreadsheet module? (24:40) (No)
    • Can the tool be used to download metadata for collections, styled, corrected, and replace it (25:37)
    • Could you clarify what the tool does with compound objects? (26:42)
    • Can you supply a mods file yourself? (28:27)