Islandora Webinar: Islandora Solr Views

When properly configured, the Islandora Solr Views module can make exploring your digital content more intuitive and visually appealing by exposing Solr search results via Drupal views.

  • What is Views? (5:52)
    • It is a core Drupal module that allows for dynamic generation of content types based on results that you get back on a query (generally, but not restrictively, a query to the Drupal database). It pulls information from various sources.
  • What is Islandora Solr Views? (8:08)
    • This adds Islandora Solr search as a potential source for building views. This allows Solr to be used similar to a database for the purposes of generating Drupal content.
  • What can you do with it? (8:55)
    • You can create pages and blocks; the Solr fields can be used for display, search, and sorting; use the context of the object on the current; use the PIDs of objects found to perform some operations.
  • What can’t you do with it (9:55)
    • You can’t perform secondary queries on found objects. Can’t get properties of the currently displayed object. Can’t use controls provided by Islandora Solr Search blocks.
  • Demo Time! (11:10)
    • There will be four things demoed. First: a basic page with displayed fields, filtered, with sort (11:10). Second: play around with some of the base Views settings. Third: results that display thumbnails and/or links (37:55). Fourth: results filtered by information about the current object (44:00).
  • Questions (57:40)
    • Would this be used to customize, browse, search, and object display? (57:43)
    • Is it possible to create smaller thumbnail icons? (1:00:05)