Islandora Webinar: Islandora FAQs

The Questions (time they appear in parentheses after each question)

  • I’d like to know how to export the metadata of a collection for ingest to crossref for the registration of DOI numbers. I’m currently experimenting with the CSV module, but wonder if there is not an easier way to do this? (6:08)
  • How would I configure a content model, say, the IA book viewer, to provide support for a new data stream type. Specifically, I want to add a data stream to the book CM, and give it an ID of “TRANSCRIPT”, with the MIME type text/plain. I’d like the data stream to appear as a valid data stream when people are ingesting a new object, and to be treated in every way as a normal data stream in objects subscribing to that content model. (11:03)
  • I am wondering if there are guidelines or advice available on tuning MySQL for Islandora/Drupal. We’re running Islandora 7 and have had to make several tweaks to the my.cnf file, which was initially quite minimal. Our modifications involved increasing the size of the innobd_buffer_pool to get rid of lock table size errors. I’m sure there are many other parameters that could be configured for optimal performance. Has anyone gathered this sort of information? (19:47)
  • Is it possible to create a csv export that will incorporate more fields than given in the search results? (23:56)
  • How does Islandora determine what MIME type its XML files are? We are seeing some objects ingested and the MODS XML is a text/XML initially, but if we edit the XML (using the web form or Oxygen), it will change the MIME type to Applications/XML. We are also seeing the inverse. Additionally, what effect does this difference have on Islandora’s behavior? (33:43)
  • My question deals with the scalability of Fedora Commons. The University of Utah Marriott Library claims that they have probably the largest academic digital collections of any university in the country. They made the decision in 2013 to leave Contentdm primarily because of scalability issues. They chose not to develop using Hydra or Islandora because they both are layered on Fedora as the repository. In their testing, they concluded that Fedora would not scale to their needs. Is this true? (40:57)
  • Islandora sometimes does not generate new Dublin Core derivatives. For example (linked), we changed the title in the MODS record. We regenerated all derivatives and received a success message. All derivatives except the DC data stream seem to have regenerated fine. Because some display elements pull from the DC, we have two titles showing for the object (old and new). Is there a way we can force DC to regenerate? (50:23)
  • Is it possible to create an embedded code for a video that resides in Islandora? Our instructors would like to be able to embed videos into the Learning Management System. Right now, they are using Vimeo to store videos, and then embedding the videos in the LMS so students can watch the videos on their own page. (58:11)