Islandora Webinar: How to Manage Metadata and Discovery

Focus of this webinar is how we can leverage metadata once the content is already ingested into the repository. Not talking about managing metadata or preprocessing metadata for ingest.

  • Why we should care about metadata management and discovery (10:15)
  • Discovery Settings (13:05)
    • Solr settings – how to optimize search on the website, the digital repository sites. This is where you can configure how our users experience search on the repositories.
  • Record Display (23:46)
    • Islandora now has a tool that allows the repository admin to customize a record display for each content model.
  • Indexing by Google/Google Scholar (34:45)
  • Harvesting to aggregators via OAI-PMH (39:10)
  • Top Takeaways (46:05)
  • Questions (48:22)
    • Does Islandora provide search service for federated search? (48:53)
    • How can you restrict search results based on allowed namespaces? (49:32)
      • Follow up question: the Solr settings has a query default setting that has a text field for ‘limit results to specific namespaces’. I was hoping we could use this to whitelist search results. (54:16)
    • What version of Islandora is the Islandora collection search available in? (50:36)
    • It appears that there are collections with varying metadata schemas, for example Dublin Core, Qualified Dublin Core, and mods are supported in an Islandora site. Is that correct? (51:37)