Islandora Webinar: Extending Upon the Islandora Framework

Discussion of some new modules that have been made to extend the Islandora framework. Each module provides a solution to a specific functional requirement. Some of them may be contributed back to the community. This webinar covers 3 of the 20 modules created at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Alpha Pagination Module (12:41)
    • To make the collections have alphabetical pagination. Can click on a letter and go straight to collections named with that letter. Replacement for the standard pagination you would have with any standard view. The configuration is not very complex (16:56 for description).
  • Datastream Filenamer Module (18:15)
    • Whenever a user is in the admin user side of things, they will frequently go into the manage screen to look at the data streams and to download data streams to their local hard drives. Out of the box, the normal file name would just be label and the file type extension. So that would lead to a lot of files name the same thing. Very confusing. This module gives you a way to set up what the file would be named when it is downloaded. Demo of configuration (19:41).
  • Dashboard Module (27:25)
    • Dashboard with reports or links related to a specific role.
  • Q&A (34:38)
    • What community resources did you find valuable during development? (35:05)
    • If you could summarize your experience working with Islandora in a few sentences, how would you describe it? (40:50)
    • What is the biggest challenge working with Islandora? (44:50)
    • At what point did you start to feel comfortable? (46:46)
    • What would you say to someone that was considering Islandora over other systems given your experience? (49:32)