Islandora Webinar: Building Workflows with Drupal Rules Module

The Drupal Rules Module provides support for an Islandora installation to act action taken by users or processes. It also allows administrators to define actions based on recurring events.

  • How Rules Work (8:35)
    • Rules are simple. They are a definition of a way to react to an event. You are filtering down how you can react to that event by one or more conditions (AND, OR, NOT). You can take one or more actions as your reaction. Enable rules_admin and navigate to admin/config/workflow/rules to manage rules.
    • Rules come in two pieces: there’s the actual rules module which allows you to create and use rules and rules definitions and there’s the rules admin module (“rules UI” in the admin interface) which is what allows you to create/modify rules that are in place. There are also some permissions associated with rules, so make sure you are able to do things.
  • Demo of How Rules Work (11:40)
  • Rules Create Tokens (16:18)
    • This is what makes Rules so incredibly powerful. Rules allow you to not just react to something, but also when you react to something that happens, rules has access to all the information to that thing that it is reacting to. It does this via tokens, which are placeholders for information obtained from tan event or action. They are used to provide information to other events or actions that may vary between rules.
  • Rules/Actions Can be Chained (28:50)
    • Multiple actions can occur independent of each other on a single rule. Some actions simple provide tokens. Data type actions can load or modify information in tokens. Actions that provide tokens provide them to future actions. Actions can be chained together to generate tokens and take action using those tokens.
  • Components Encapsulate Rulesets (45:30)
    • A component is a set of conditions combined as one so that each do not need to be added separately to a rule each time.
  • Advanced Techniques (51:41)
  • Questions (53:54)
    • Why did you select data stream ingested instead of object ingested? (52:54)
    • Is it possible to add a new event via a module we made ourselves? (56:00)