Islandora Webinar: All About Islandora Form Builder

Based on the Drupal Form API, the Islandora Form Builder makes it possible to create, copy, and edit XML forms to fit your metadata profile.

  • Form Builder Basics (7:23)
    • XML forms is a collection of Drupal modules that allow for the manipulation of XML documents through Drupal forms. The XML form builder makes it possible to create, copy, and edit ingest forms, and to affiliate them with Content Models in the repository. The form builder is built upon the existing Drupal Form API. Works with XML-based standards and will work with custom schemas. It is highly configurable and the forms are portable (export/import).
  • Form Builder & XPath (10:15)
    • Form definitions are essentially about XPath (a method of querying an XML document).
  • Basic Operations: Form Builder and Crud Operations (12:50)
    • Crud is not unique to XML form builder. There are four basic actions you can take: create (14:30), read (37:41), update (30:33), and delete (32:47).
  • Form Builder Advice (45:15)
    • ┬áLink for import forms and xslts. Copy and edit forms from /admin/Islandora/xmlform. Save and preview after each form edit!!!! Associate forms to a content model to have them available for use during ingest (demo at 46:20).
  • Questions (50:31)
    • So do we batch load XML instead of Mod XML? (50:32)
    • Is it possible to add value URI attributes to the genre text field? (54:05)
    • Can you add formatting in the text area of a form? For example, I like to have paragraph breaks in an abstract. (56:48)
    • How do you verify that the XML output validates the given schema? (57:44)