Islandora Q&A Session


  • Is it possible to correct records in a batch? Say the same information should be on 10 records, but I only have it on one. How does Islandora support METS objects? (1:02)
  • First a little background, I inherited an Islandora site. The previous sysadmin got the code for the various Islandora modules by cloning their respective Github repos. Then he copied the code of the various modules (without the.get directory) in the proper Drupal path for those modules/libraries. I suspect he took this approach since we source control the firles of our (Islandora) Drupal instance through Git. Therefore, I suspect the previous sysadmin did not want to store the individual modules’ .git file inside of our “main” Drupal instance Git repo. My question is, is this a common approach when running Islandora modules from their individual repos, or should we try a different approach? One of my concerns is that I have module code in two places. The local individual Islandora module code repos, and then the version without a .git directory inside our Drupal instance. One issue is that it is tricky to verify what commit was checked out when the module code was copied over to the Drupal instance. (5:21)
  • Does Islandora support batch commands and global updates? (10:23)
  • How does Islandora handle the translation of audio and video to various delivery formats such as MP3, QuickTime, Windows Media, etc? (13:06)
  • Please discuss role management and hoe different users can have different roles and permissions. (15:41)
  • We are considering a migration from ContentDM to Islandora. Can you talk about your experience in doing so and how that process would work? (20:15)
  • Does Islandora support Linked data with the ability to define custom relationships between objects and records across collections? (23:12)
  • My colleague wants to digitize and ingest a collection of Iontar manuscripts form Indonesia. Because the text is inscribed in palm-leaf, these manuscripts are notoriously difficult to read. He told me it would be really helpful if he could change the brightness and contrast of the scans. We did see that the Open Seadragon viewers we are using is able to support a filter plugin. We were wondering whether it is possible to use this plugin in Islandora as well and where we should start to make this possible. (26:38)
  • What encoder is used for large image files, tif or bitmaps? (31:45)
  • Did you say data relationships are defined in Fedora or in the OS? (35:22)