Islandora Batch Ingest Training

User needs the permission “Create new repository objects” to do batch ingests through the user interface. The only thing, really, that you need to know when ingesting into a collection is what types of content are allowed to be in that collection.

  • Batch Ingesting via the User Interface (2:01)
    • Select a collection, and click the manage tab. Within that, there will be a button “Collection” near the top. This is where you can change some of the properties of the collection and where you can define which types of objects can be in the collection. In addition, near the top of this page, there is a button “Batch Import Objects”. This will bring you to an interface that lets you select the importer to be used. After you select you importer, you will be given the opportunity to select some of the parameters of the import, including the file for upload. You need to select what content model you select, generally only select one. Finally, select the namespace the object will be in. Does walk through an example which may be good to watch.
  • Batch Ingesting via the Command Line (40:07)
    • Shown by example. But same idea as above.