Z39.50 Host, Port, and Database Information

The Keystone Library Network maintains servers which host Endeavor’s Voyager library management system. The following table shows Z39.50 server, port, and database name for each Keystone Library Network member institution. This table shows, by institution name, the server to contact, the port number, and the database name.
For information on the attribute sets and element names, see Attributes page.

Server Specifics for Voyager
Database Server Name Port Number Database Name
Bloomsburg klnapp1.passhe.edu 7290 VOYAGER
California klnapp2.passhe.edu 10890 VOYAGER
Cheyney klnapp2.passhe.edu 9690 VOYAGER
Clarion klnapp1.passhe.edu 7890 VOYAGER
East Stroudsburg klnapp2.passhe.edu 9590 VOYAGER
Edinboro klnapp2.passhe.edu 10190 VOYAGER
Geneva klnapp1.passhe.edu 13190 VOYAGER
Harrisburg klnapp1.passhe.edu 13390 VOYAGER
Indiana klnapp1.passhe.edu 10990 VOYAGER
Kutztown klnapp2.passhe.edu 9490 VOYAGER
Lincoln klnapp1.passhe.edu 13490 VOYAGER
Lock Haven klnapp1.passhe.edu 7790 VOYAGER
Mansfield klnapp1.passhe.edu 7690 VOYAGER
Millersville klnapp2.passhe.edu 9390 VOYAGER
Shippensburg klnapp1.passhe.edu 7390 VOYAGER
Slippery Rock klnapp2.passhe.edu 10790 VOYAGER
State Library klnapp1.passhe.edu 7490 VOYAGER
West Chester klnapp2.passhe.edu 9290 VOYAGER
Lancaster Historical Society klnapp2.passhe.edu 12090 VOYAGER